27.5, 15.00 - Bach-mania! - Liisa Pohjola, Tuija Hakkila,

                          Irina Zahharenkova etc - G-18

How do pianists of today approach the works of Johann Sebastian Bach? Come to hear an extended marathon featuring some of the finest pianists in Finland, sharing stage and alternating between the modern piano and the Silbermann fortepiano, an instrument Bach himself got acquainted with towards the end of his life. Among the performers we have the winner of the 2006 International Bach Competition Irina Zahharenkova, the legendary grande dame of Finnish piano playing Liisa Pohjola, Väinö Jalkanen, Matias Häkkinen, Emil Holmström, Mirka Viitala, Jacob Lidåkra, Joel Papinoja, Sanni Antikainen, and Miikka Taipale. The historical performance practice expert Tuija Hakkila guides us through the concert, which features suites, partitas, preludes and fugues, transcriptions, and more.

Tickets: 15/5 EUR

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