22.5, 19.00 - "Pierre Boulez in memoriam" - Paavali                                                 Jumppanen - Ritarihuone

In the year 2000, Pierre Boulez heard his megalomaniac second piano sonata performed by Paavali Jumppanen, and enthusiastically invited the young Finnish pianist to record his complete piano sonatas. In this memorial concert of the French master, Jumppanen performs the sonatas which once aroused both admiration and hatred. Between playing Jumppanen talks about his co-operation with Boulez.

This concert is done in co-operation with F-Musiikki, and with media support provided by the Korvat Auki ('Ears Open') Society for Contemporary Composers. Part of the ticket sales for this concert are donated to the Korvat Auki.





Ohjelma / Program:


Claude Debussy (1862–1918): Étude no. 8, pour les agréments (1915)

Pierre Boulez (1925–2016): Première Sonate pour Piano (1946)

Lent – beaucoup plus allant
Assez large – rapide

Debussy: Étude no. 10, pour les sonorités opposées

Boulez: Troisième Sonate pour Piano (1958–63)

Formant 2: Trope
Parenthèse. Nettement au-dessous de Lent
Glose. Lent
Commentaire. Nettement moins lent
Texte. Presque lent
Formant 3: Constellation-Miroir
Mélange points et blocs. Modéré/Vif
Points 3. Suspendu
Blocks II. Lent
Points 2. Suspendu
Blocks I. Vif
Points 1. Suspendu

--- intermission ---

Debussy: Étude no. 3, pour les quartes

Boulez: Deuxième Sonate pour Piano (1947–48)
Extrêmement rapide
Modéré, presque vif

Paavali Jumppanen, piano

In the brief span of recent seasons, the imaginative and versatile Finnish virtuoso Paavali Jumppanen has established himself as a dynamic musician of seemingly unlimited capability who has already cut a wide swath internationally as a solo recitalist, orchestral collaborator, recording artist, artistic director, and frequent performer of contemporary and avant-garde music.
Mr. Jumppanen has performed extensively in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia and has commissioned numerous works, collaborating with such composers as Boulez, Murail, Dutilleux, Penderecki, as well as many Finnish composers. The Boston Globe praised the “overflowing energy of his musicianship” and The New York Times his “power and an extraordinary range of colors.”
In the recent years Paavali Jumppanen has dedicated much of his time into performing cycles of the complete Beethoven and Mozart Piano Sonatas. He has also often performed all of the Beethoven Piano Concertos and chamber sonatas. Paavali Jumppanen attended at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and later worked with Krystian Zimerman at the Basel Music Academy in Switzerland where he also studied organ, fortepiano, and clavichord. Russian born pianist Konstantin Bogino has remained an important mentor throughout his studies and career.
Paavali Jumppanen’s has an expanding discography which includes “the best recorded disc of Boulez’s piano music so far” (The Guardian, about the three sonatas recording on DGG made upon the composer’s request) and the complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas on Ondine. Mr. Jumppanen spent the 2011–12 season as a visiting scholar in Harvard University’s Music Department studying musicology and theory to deepend his immersion in Viennese 18th century music.

Follow Paavali’s blog at www.paavalijumppanen.com

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